WanaCrypt, did it get your SEO Servers?

May 13, 2017 7:51 PM | Posted by Campo | Posted at Security

This week the ransomware WanaCrypt and Wanna.Cry hit the entire infrastructure of the UK health system hard, along with Spain, US and a ton of other countries, you can find news reports everywhere. It affected WinXP and Win2003 the most, these are the systems that Microsoft does not support anymore and were vulnerable, so much so that Microsoft actually created new patches for these outdated operating systems.

HOWEVER, for the majority of us SEO professionals, we host our SEO tools on VPS or Dedicated Servers, USUALLY, they’ll be Win 2008 Server, some will have Win 2003 Server, and most of the time, you will NOT be getting security updates.

I did have one Server compromised, it was pretty horrible, EVERYTHING was locked and encrypted, easily enough from my VPS control panel, i could just rebuild my VM in 1minute.

Yea, it’s shape.host, so far they’re the best guys that give you speed as close to a Dedicated Server as possible.

Then i did a full scale massive win2008 security update (they allow updates too, again great company)

My best bet was to install WebRoot on the machine, i have it on my office and home PC’s and haven’t been infected in 10 years, it’s lightweight using basically no resources, AND when my server was up and running again, it caught all WanaCrypt like a Cop on a mission.

WebRoot is only 20bucks a year for 3 PCs, which is enough for me to protect my home/office PC and my wifes Windows Tablet (it’s where we also do our banking), and now i was able to protect my server.

Again i’m only using this, and not avast or Microsoft Essentials (it does work with either of these Antivirus software, it is designed to, in fact i run this and Avast at home), the reason is resources, our Servers are usually hit with 100% utilization, and Webroot uses NOTHING!


WRSA is Webroot and it uses nothing in terms of resources, while check out Gscraper and CaptchaBreaker (i’m just posting on this server to show you guys).

I’ve already told many associates and clients to get WebRoot, MOST are in the process of rebuilding their Servers and main machines, it took me 1hour to get things built up again, it wasn’t difficult, the most difficult part was waiting for Scrapebox to re-verify my account, ha!

Again, as long as you’re organized and have all your software licenses in a folder and backed up (my keywordlist would have been JUNKED! 10years worth of search terms), you’ll be fine.