TurboWeb2 Web2.0 Tutorial

December 2, 2016 9:38 PM | Posted by Campo | Posted at SEO ,Web2

Ok, Holidays are over and it is time to finally put up this tutorial, some of you have been asking for it, it is the backbone of modern day 2016 and for the foreseeable future 2017 link building seo. In short the main links to your Money Site will be Web2 properties and PBN links(which are generally WEB2 anyway), so lets just get started, this is what you are REQUIRED to have to run TurboWeb2 properly

We’ll cover Kontent Machine and Spin Rewriter in another post, Soon HERE

For now we’ll focus on TurboWeb2

Here’s the main screen of the program

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Lets get started with the settings

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Lets skip Captcha Solvers for now, since the rest are easy APIs to plug in.

1.Proxies, you obviously need Proxies, of course get private proxies, scraped proxies are garbage and will net you garbage results, if you want good proxies, theres only one company thats given great proxies for years and thats Buy Proxies, you dont have to pony up for dedicated proxies, for this semi-dedicated ones will work fine.

2.You can save your KontentMachine articles in the cloud and TurboWeb2 can retrieve them instantly, great for having virtual workers.

3.They have a decent list of ping servers, if you want to add more, go ahead.

4.You need to index your links, or they’ll never be found, currently the indexers that are at least producing a good result is, Instant Link Indexer

5.At this point you would enter in your Captcha details

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You should be familiar with DBC or Decaptcher, a new one is to get some credits from 2captcha, its a new recaptcha basically

You would select Decaptcher as first and 2captcha as second, pretty straight forward.

important to note is to click on AUTO, for captcha solving, where the mouse cursor is highlighted.

Now, lets create a campaign, click on the wizard hat, the first screen you’ll get is “Task Details”, enter a name for your task, and then click on profile

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That button will generate a random profile for your project, easy!, next goto submission

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This is where you enter in blog title details and such, you can and SHOULD put everything in regular spin format to randomize somethings, it’s self explanatory, just fill it out. Lastly is to click on IMPORT ARTICLES and choose from Kontent Machine, I’ll create a guide for it soon, HERE Kontent Machine Guide.

Once that is done, you can now add your catchall email info, find the button here

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Fill in the info you get from CatchallBoxes, why use a catchall email? two reasons.

  1. you’re going to need A LOT of emails to create these accounts, it’s just easier to plug in a catchall instead of getting 1,000s of hotmail accounts
  2. mails from catchalls are more readily accepted in having accounts created than hotmail emails and the like, so it just makes life simple.

Next is your link section, you’re almost done!

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  1. enter in the links you want being linked to
  2. put in your anchor text
  3. don’t forget to enable and click this option
  4. how many links do you want?
  5. you can have your link inserted whereever you want, i like random
  6. you can if you choose create this as a linkwheel to another campaign, but you really shouldn’t, just throw some gsa stuff at it instead.

Next we’re going to select where we want too register

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  1. You can either check by type, as in article sites, blog or profile sites
  2. you can then check by captcha, or no recaptcha, your choice depending on how many sites you believe you need

next is scheduling

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  1. enable it
  2. start date is self explanatory
  3. same with time
  4. how many submissions do you want to make? and at what intervals i.e. 12hours, 24 hours, weekly, etc
  5. how many times to submit and/or do you want to repeat

lastly is options

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Check if you want TurboWeb to ping for you and check to have your links submitted automatically to Instant Link Indexer

That is pretty much it for Web2.0 creation with TurboWeb2. It is constantly being updated daily (i get daily updates) and supported, so you will not be left out in the dust like the other older, outdated Web2 like FCS or Rankwyz.