to SSL or NOT to SSL, that is the Question… (the answer is yes)

April 13, 2016 12:20 PM | Posted by Campo | Posted at Uncategorized

Ok, lets just get some things out of the way, SSL costs money, heck if you search for it, it’ll be as low as 5 bucks. But whats better than cheap? free. Letsencrypt has gotten their free SSL off the board, however it really seems like a big pain in the but to enable it for DigitalOcean, as you know i love them and they’re wicked fast. Sign up for DigitalOcean (aff link) you get a $10 credit.

Well I also use cloudflare and even though i’ve heard about “some” incompatibilities (like older Opera), I did it anyway, just look at my address.ssl enabled


It took 3 minutes and I basically let cloudflare take care of all the work, so why do we not want to SSL? you’ll Google dance for a bit when google tries to sort out your new web address, if that “freaks” you out for a few days, well SEO is a dangerous game, you should be used to it by now. Anyway a SSL site is more trusted in the eyes of the search engines, so get to it, here’s the guide.

go into your cloudflare account, select your site and crypto then under SSL, choose FLEXIBLE, save.

choose ssl in cloudflare









Next goto page rules and turn “ALWAYS USE HTTPS” to on and type your domain name with asterisk’s, (or stars if you want to be silly).

page rules ssl






You will need to download 2 wordpress plugins.

  • cloudflare flexible ssl
  • wordpress https

activate them, and you’re done! for the most part you might not need wordpress https plugin, it changes some css files or something to make sure your site is fully https compliant, something to do with images, either way that’s about the easiest way to get SSL on your site, and for free!