Shared Hosting is DEAD – Guide to DigitalOcean VPS

January 16, 2016 11:43 PM | Posted by Campo | Posted at Web Hosting

Look, I can go into many paragraphs about how shared hosting is just not worth it anymore, here are the simple facts. You’ll live a better life in your own home, away from paper thin walls and loud neighbors or pets that scurry along creating noise from the ceiling. You won’t have to fight for communal parking, or deal with nasty neighbors that do not pick up after their pets. I can go on and on about apartment living, we’ve all done it. Having your own home, and your own lawn with no adjacent neighbors is great! This is life using a VPS. VPS’s are faster, with no crowded people, with expense, now with DigitalOcean, there is no expense, in fact at their 5bucks a month plan, it’s cheaper than most shared hosting. The problem is many people are afraid of VPS’s learning Linux and command line code to install a LAMP stack (or even knowing what that is?). No, now with 2 simple accounts, you can a wordpress site up and running in a matter of minutes, with ZERO code, you don’t even have to download and run PUTTY (don’t worry, you won’t have to know what this is). Many people are afraid of loosing Cpanel, well here is how you do everything in a matter of minutes. Here is where the guide begins. (Newest update that includes all the recent account changes)

Sign up for DigitalOcean (aff link) you get a $10 credit, choose the cheapest $5 plan and you basically get 2 free months. You’ll get this screen, click on create droplet


You’ll get this screen, pick a name, anyname.install1

Also choose a plan, you can start with the 5 if you want, or more,

Then choose a region you want your VPS in, generally where you get most of your traffic is the choice.


Make sure Unbuntu 14.04.3×64 (or any version that is greater or updated) is selected, this is IMPORTANT.


Then click on create, and you should be done in a minute, it will EMAIL you, your new droplet login details, check your email, you will need this information. and congratulations, your almost done.

Now it’s time to enter in your DNS details for your website, click on networking


Click on Domains on the left hand side.

Now enter in your website, WITHOUT the “http://” then click on droplet and choose your new droplet.


This should be your success screen.


Now your done, don’t forget to copy down the name servers, you have to change these at your domain registrar (usually godaddy or namecheap)

Goto serverpilot (afflink) and create an account, you get $10 credit also, but you DO NOT have to use any credit or pay for anything, or even enter in a credit card, the free features are all we need.


click on connect server

Now with your new droplet information from your EMAIL, enter these values


the address from email

the password from email

create your own password for SFTP

It will take a minute or two, your almost done!

One more step, click on create app


now you’ll get this screen


Enter in all your information, and your done, congratulations, you have just moved out of the ghetto! If you need to add more domains or wordpress installations just follow the directions to keep on adding.

Again here’s the link for your 10$ credit, Sign up for DigitalOcean

I’ve since upgraded my plan, i’m doing VERY intensive work with a few plugins that are hammering the cpu, heck I even build these sites on my local machine first (I use Ampps, maybe i’ll do a tutorial for that if people are interested). I just needed more ram. How do you resize? simple all you do is power off the VPS, click resize, and that’s it! whole process took me 3 minutes, and probably 5 clicks.