SEO Link Building Programs that no longer work 2017 and Beyond

November 23, 2016 9:05 PM | Posted by Campo | Posted at SEO

I’ll just cut to the chase, I don’t have much time for the holidays, almost all your old programs of yester-year do not work. They are just horribly broken, or abandoned, in this instance, you have to choose a SEO Software that also has great support.

Link Building Web2.0:

FCS Networker used to be the only game in town, then came Rankwyz, now both are just junk. Worse off FCS Networker sold it’s company to some 3rd party, trying to keep it all hush, hush, even though the program continues to fail, a lot of fools like myself are kicking ourselves for buying a lifetime license, this just makes me trust these companies less and a monthly subscription seems more in order.

Avoid FCS Networker and Rankwyz.

Two Web2.0s that still work and are going strong with updates are

Autofillmagic for more semi automated link building and

TurboWeb2 for complete automation.

I will be creating a long over due tutorial on TurboWeb2. Here is the turtorial

Link Building:

All these are gone and left in the dust and abandoned, Licorne, Article Kevo, Ultimate Demon. Sometimes Magic Submitter wants to work and SeNuke only gets by with it’s reputation but the passed links are barely 20%. (Of course even the old old softwares like AMR and Bookmarking Demon are dead, avoid these)

So what’s still working? good old GSA SER, yup the king of “Kitchen Sink” links is still chugging along, keeping VPS vendors happy. Don’t get me wrong, you can sort of make good T1 links with it, we’re all dubious now with SeEngines 2.0 in beta, maybe they’ll finally make good Web2’s? but why bother when there are other better options for keeping a good Web2/PBN network with TurboWeb2 instead and just have SER do the kitchen sink.

Link building is only 20% of what you need to rank well in SEO, local or not. And in all honesty the Link Building Tool space just got a whole lot thinner this year, the people who stuck with SER and Kitchen Sinking, did not see any drops in ranks with Penguin 4.0, and Kitchen Sinking still works wonders for Parasite Properties like Youtube and Amazon FBA.