Let’s Just Get this out of the way, the easiest steps to speed up WordPress and get better webscores.

April 11, 2016 10:35 AM | Posted by Campo | Posted at SEO ,Web Hosting

Plain and simple Your SEO is affected by webspeed, if Google thinks your sucky site loads slow, it’s not going to rank well, here are the latest tests i did on this site.
google page speed



Google PageSpeed



Let’s get this out of the way so I can talk about tweaking, if Your page speed is slow and sucks, get yourself a VPS, here’s the DigitalOcean guide and coupon
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Shared Hosting is DEAD – Guide to DigitalOcean VPS

3 Easy steps to faster WordPress speed:

  1. The easiest is to get a free cloudflare account, in a few hours they start serving your site on their CDN(content delivery network), this is free and everyone should be doing it. (along with security and whatnot)
  2. Get OFF shared hosting, look I know a lot of you are just lazy and shared hosting “just works”, NO, you are settling for horrible performance. Shared hosting is never good, unless it’s for like 5 static html pages, then well I guess even crap gator can’t mess that up. Again, Sign up for DigitalOcean (aff link)
  3. WordPress Plugins that speed up
    • Wp super cache
    • auto optimize
    • wp smush

For wp super cache, just turn it on, for a bito fe xtra tune up, try advanced – expirey time – clock 00:00 daily interval, and
preload section – check preload mode and preload tags, select “less email”

For auto optimize just check javascript/css (this is about the best way to get css optimized)

just upload images, wp smush will minimize them, there’s also an option to optimize your previous files.

That’s it, you really can’t do much else. On my super sites with 30k pages, the page loads are just as fast, I’m a bit freak with those sites, since they are my money sites and are on another Digital Ocean server (it doesn’t cost anything to create)

I mean I don’t care for on-page seo, I’m to0 hateful for it, heck you won’t see me going crazy doing silly h1/h2 headings, but pagespeed, yea, that’s important.