Churn and Burn Quick Tutorial

February 22, 2016 3:08 PM | Posted by Campo | Posted at SEO

Procedure is as follows:

1.Get some email addresses
For registration and so on – I use BanditIM for this

2.Register a web 2.0 property
I prefer and don’t use proxies as I’m only making a handful (as they are in a place to money site).

3.Build the content
I use Kontent machine with the WordAI integration (I use wordAI standard plan), I just open a new project in Kontent machine, put in my three primary keywords and pretty much leave everything else at default.
I do the first run with the GSA template – this content can then be used entirely to populate a GSA campaign.
I use the next field with a custom template for building articles with just the title and the body and that’s what I use for the “money site”.

4.Build the site
With the content created above, I populate my web 2.0 property – I publish a handful of articles immediately and schedule more for the next 30 days.

5.Create GSA campaign
Next I create a GSA campaign; the only thing I put in manually is the anchor text, and then I select all platforms and import data from the content machine outputs made earlier.

All of the above takes less than 5 minutes and makes it easy to set up some churn and burn websites. After that, just let GSA do the work of ranking them.
Once ranked you can either add your affiliate links to the web 2.0, or you can have it redirected to your offers/real money site(s).

Pretty basic stuff apparently, but hopefully someone will find it useful to follow.

Software Used


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