Blackhat Using Craigslist Ads As An Authority

March 3, 2016 7:46 PM | Posted by Campo | Posted at CraigsList ,SEO

I use Craigslist as an authority and as a presell.

Generally, people on FB in the USA think that CL is a legit site that offers real products and services, and it does for the most part, but many do not realize there are tons of lead gen guys on there, CB sales types, BH operators, in general, making a buck there as well. I could care less about the actual CL visitor as my focus when I place those ads is to get the FB users. I’ll get some CL traffic which is nice, but that is not a focus at all.

Here is a general outline of what I do and it converts very well, and this is very easy to train a VA to do for you, so it is scalable and semi-passive.

I’ll find FB groups in specific cities that cater to, remotely relate to a particular niche, or are even just very general in a city. I like mid-sized cities that get decent traffic but are not swamped with ads and do not have the city broken into sub-cities on CL. Sub cities on CL make the conversions harder as a person living on the south side of Chicago is not likely to be interested in something that is posted on the north side of Chicago sub section.

Bad – City has all those sub-cities

Good – No sub-cities

I join them using an FB profile that could be construed as having the elements that make me part of their group. That lends some credibility to what you are about to “share” with them and is important. I then interact like a regular guy so that people see “me” out and about… I share stuff, like posts… generic FB activity with them so that the username is something with which they are familiar. Again, this will help with conversions.

Those groups are a dime a dozen, and you can easily find hundreds that fit into what you need to work them.

I’ll place a few dozen ads or so in those different CL cities selling a product or service. Let’s say I’m selling Dog Training services so I’ll write a handful of ads and get them posted in those cities. I always add a pic if possible in those ads as that is part of your selling process and the prettier the ad, the better. This is where you are doing another pre-sell but a little more aggressive, so you want to spend a minute putting together a decent looking ad.

Now here is where I take advantage of the authority of Craigslist… I’ll respond to posts on Facebook with links to the CL ad that relates to the original poster. So if a guy posts “My dogs eat pillows when I go to the store.” I’ll respond with just the link to the CL ad about dog training. The post will show a snippet of the ad, and it will also indicate it is coming from CL and people just eat that up.

The FB crowd thinks that if it is on CL as well as on FB, then it must be legit. I’m assuming they largely believe Wikipedia is Gospel as well.

Nobody realizes that the dog training product/services being sold are mine, and it does not look self-serving, so it is appreciated by more people. That gets traffic to the ad and then traffic to my sites where I am selling my actual <INSERT YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE HERE>, and I’ve essentially presold them twice with the same content.

You can do this with whatever niche product you have to offer, and it will get you conversions. CL is not the gold mine it once was as links are no longer clickable, so you need to distinguish your URL using <b> tags which are allowed in most sections to help get people see the URL in your ad to get them to go to your site.

You can’t over do an FB group either, or they will ignore you or kick you out and then you would have to recreate the persona using a different FB account. Also, I would not do this with something that pays a few dollars for the work involved is not worth it.

Once you set things up it, you can easily teach a VA to handle the interaction, mundane things and just operate it on a semi-passive manner. This works one hundred times better than the usual FB spam that you see, and you don’t have to clean yourself with a 2500 PSI hot water powerwasher with caustic acid after setting it up as it is not as dirty either.