Blackhat monetize Using Craigslist Ads As An Authority

March 2, 2016 7:47 PM | Posted by Campo | Posted at CraigsList

First read Using Craigslist Ads As An Authority

Blackhat Using Craigslist Ads As An Authority

I’m not really into CB; I had an account and was promoting a product from a BBHF member recently but didn’t have much luck. It was my first attempt, and I was trying to do everything whitehat.
So, essentially when it comes to CB I’m a NOOB!

I found a CB offer, which was in the Employment and Jobs category. It was targeting a specific job to a specific group of people that have several large groups on FB.
I grabbed my hoplink and purchased a domain that is I used a coupon and got the domain for $1.49, and I already have hosted so, this was my only investment.

I installed WP and the “Convertible” Theme and created a nice looking landing page. I also installed Shez’s ad injector so I could throw some CPA offers at my mobile traffic. I also installed the “bloom” plugin, to setup an opt-form for a newsletter. The last plugin I used was Shez’s Link Ninja to hide my affiliate links.

I set all of this up and I think it looks good, so I went to craigslist and posted three jobs available ads in 3 cities that don’t charge to post in that section.
My landing page links to the CB product, I have the newsletter opt-in to collect emails for use in the future, I’m rotating CPA ads at my mobile users and for the sake of this thread I went ahead and put Adsense on the landing page. (Normally wouldn’t do that because the CB sales are worth far more but wanted to see the results)

I don’t have any software or bots to spam my links on FB, so I joined a few of the groups with one of my fake accounts that are aged and put a comment like, “I saw this today if anyone is still looking for a job, I saw this today” CRAIGSLIST LINK.
I did this all yesterday in about an hour total. This was a basic test to see if the method worked and if so I plan on scaling just to see how far I can take it.