Blackhat Guide to Solo Ads

February 28, 2016 9:40 AM | Posted by Campo | Posted at Solo Ads

Just wanted to share strategy which works like a charm and wanted to remind for EVERYONE what to make money is not hard, you need just proper method or technique and to take action. This method is easy and works for everyone, but it requires some investments.
It’s not complete guide from A to Z how to set up everything , but it will give an idea how everything works. And it’s not free by the way.

I think the easiest way to start generating money is to jump into SOLO ADS business. You just need two main things, one is email list, and another thing is autoresponder. You sent email, people open, click and you are making money. I will not explain what solo ads is and how it works, there are plenty of resources on the internet about solo ads business, how they work and so on.

So the first thing is EMAIL LIST. Don’t think you could just scrap emails and use it for solo ads business. You need a quality list because you would sell the traffic to people and you MUST provide them only quality traffic. What is quality traffic? It’s traffic which buys, which response, which clicks and opens and which is in IM niche.

How to get this type of email list? Just, buy it. I will give Facebook solo ads groups to join. After joining like 10 or more groups, you need just post a message and tell what you want to buy an email list. In no time, you will receive messages from people who are selling email list. You need to make sure he is solo ads seller and have testimonials. If he has good testimonials, ask him to provide the screen shot of open rate, click rate, this way you could be sure you will generate clicks and can calculate how much you can earn per day. For example, if the person selling 10k email list and he are showing a screen shot with 1% CTR, you could expect to generate about 100 clicks from sent email, so its easy minimum $30 per day.

Join these groups:

Open rate, click rate, bounce rate, spam rate. Make sure the person who contacted you and offered the list is individual ads seller and have testimonials, check if he/she is a member in solo ads groups. If everything is right and you feel like he is trusted, you can make a deal, negotiate.

Now you should have EMAIL LIST, so let us move into autoresponder part.

Everyone knows that to send emails(many emails) you need to have autoresponder. There are many ways to send the emails, but many of them are crap ways because emails will land into spam folders and you will not generate clicks at all, so I will tell TWO best ways of sending emails and getting them into INBOX.

First way is importing emails into
Getresponse account.
This way is great ,because you not only are safe from aweber ban but also, you could send emails, and they will land into inbox every time. To import the list into aweber or getresponse you need to have some person contacts who can import or know some service which doing it. I will post several sites which import the emails.

I am not promoting this site and these sites, not mine or anything like what, I am posting this site because the service is good and tested. Just scroll down and write skype message to a guy from website and tell, you want to import the emails only.
Or if you prefer to contact me, and I will help with importing the list, will give contacts, suggestions.

So this part ends. You find and buy an email list from solo ads sellers; you import bought email list into aweber or getresponse, and you can send emails right away.

Okay, now you have an email list (let’s take the example of 10k subscribers email list) and Autoresponder. Whats next?

Next you need to write some follow-up emails to warm up the List and to maximize the open and click rate for bigger profits.
I suggest to watch these free videos about copywriting, it’s awesome videos.

This one is also excellent

Just study these videos and write some follow-up emails, like 4-7 informative, quality emails, it will create to your relationship with your list and they will be more responsive.

Also, you need to have some tracking tools to track how many clicks you are generating. There are paid tools, but for beginning I suggest to use free tools.

This part is easiest – it’s SELLING

You now are in many of the solo selling Facebook groups, and now you need to post your add offering your solo ads traffic service. It’s not hard. I will give some examples of the adds.

Looking For High Converting, Reliable, Honest Solo Ad Traffic?
–> 100 – 200 HQ Extremely Fresh and Responsive clicks READY TO GO OUT!!!


High-quality traffic
75-80% Tier 1
BOOK Early To Avoid Disappointment


==> Huge Discount $0.38/click ready to rock n’ roll
==> 100 – 1000 VERY HIGH QUALITY CLICKS Available
==> Guaranteed 85% top tier traffic AU, US, UK, NZ, CA and IE
==> Internet Marketing, Home Bus.Ops, MLM and Affiliate Marketing Niche.


It’s some examples of how and what to write in the Facebook groups. You need to know how many clicks you could generate per day, to do this you just sent an email and see how many clicks you generated. If you generate 100 clicks per day,dont sell 200 clicks per day, because you are unable to provide 200 clicks. But you will make deals with every person different, one client maybe would be happy to receive 200 clicks per two days or another clients per 3 days. You need to proper communicate with potential clients and agree with your offer/deal.
I suggest to put $0,35/click price in the beginning. After you gather testimonials, you can increase the price to $0,4/click. How to get testimonials? Just ask the client to write testimonial after you delivered the clicks and he will write. Also, there are several big Facebook groups where buyers post they results.

Selling process. You post the add –> potential client contacts you –> he ask if you can send today the clicks and have free spot for today or whatever day –> client give the link, and you give him Paypal email address –> clients make payment, and you add his given link into your email body and send the email

To summarize everything:

1. Join Facebook solo ads groups
2. Post message is telling what you are buying an email list.
3. Make sure the person who contacts you and offering list is solo ads seller and find his testimonials.
4. Ask for proof of open rate, click rate, top tier.
5. Contact people who can import the list into aweber/getresponse or contact people who can set up self-hosted autoresponder platform. (you can contact me first, and I will help you and give some suggestions).
6. Study video material about copywriting and swipes files.
7. Set up follow up emails.
8. Set up click tracker.
9. Start posting you solo ads offers in the FB groups and make money!

Investments needed:

The 10k list would cost about $300. From 10k list, you should receive minimum 1% click rate.
Importing 10k into aweber/getresponse would cost about $300. To import the list into self-hosted platform would cost ZERO , but servers and all setup – about $200.
Tracking tool – $0.
Overall about $600. From 10k, you should generate minimum 100 clicks, so it’s $35 per day, $1050 per month. So in one month you would get back your investments and make $450 profits.