Blackhat drive targeted traffic to your sites from FB

March 2, 2016 12:40 PM | Posted by Campo | Posted at Facebook SEO

Here’s a very simple method that I gave to a friend to try to drive traffic to his new sites, using Facebook that too. A lot of us will agree that Facebook has been intentionally changing their Post Reach algorithms so that people now have to spend some $$ actually to reach a large audience. Let’s use that to our advantage and get started.

My friend, he had a budget of $300 set aside for everything – Domains, Hosting, Ads,SEO. I asked him to head to GoDaddy and get himself the Hosting + Free Domain package for $12. This “limited time offer” has been running for 6-7 months now so try banking in on it.

Here’s the Coupon Code required to activate this deal – cjccouphst.
This is not my Affiliate Coupon code. This is GoDaddy’s own $1/month hosting offer.

What you get for $12
– $1/month is hosting for one year.
– Free domain name. The number of sites used depends on you guys.

What else you need
– Facebook accounts. Loads of them. I find it best to build manually them to 5k friends so that this works better. If you’re short on time or plain impatient, then buy accounts from here on BBHF.
-$200-300 for Facebook post promotions.

Niches that work best
-Internet Stories/News/Viral stories.
Example – Buzzfeed.

After you get the domains and install WordPress,it’s best you install a pretty theme. I suggest installing the Newspaper magazine theme. Or any Magazine theme you already have.


1. Install the Newspaper theme and import the Magazine demo.

2. Get fresh and happening content from sites like Buzzfeed, and news aggregators.

3. After you posted the content on your site, create Facebook pages for your sites. Throw up all the Ads you need on your site.

4. Share 10-15 posts from your site on the Facebook pages you just made and also on your profile. You should see some likes/engagement if you bought accounts built manually or manually made your accounts. Make sure to link back to posts on your website.

5. Invite ALL your friends to come like the page. You should see 5-1k likes on your page or even more. Once you’re satisfied with the way your pages and websites look, you will start BOOSTING your most interesting stories. Stories that you think have the potential to go viral or are already viral and will linger around for a week or more.

6. This is where the 5k friends account in handy. Facebook has this neat feature while promoting your posts which lets you target “Friends of page likers”. So it’s Facebook recommending the friends of your page’s likers to read your content. This is a very useful targeting tool and backbone of this method.

7. If you promote the right stories, you should start seeing engagement on your Facebook pages soon enough, and this will soon start transferring itself to your just-made websites.
Example – You post a story of a cat playing the piano while having a shoe over it’s head and it goes viral. People are going to visit your OP on the site to see if they find a dog doing the same. Finding the right story to boost can take some testing but not too long, and you’ll soon master the art of sharing stories that have the chance to go viral or are just building up.

You need to be very attentive on the list of sites I gave and need to immediately publish good stories on your page and sites so that you get the initial surge of traffic because of the story going viral. Once you get the hang of things, you should see some very good referral or direct traffic like is the case with my friend’s sites. He’s been building them for 2-3 months now and in the initial month, he saw around 140k pageviews (I pitched in some writing and funds too) and then 177k pageviews in the 2nd month. Need to ask him about this month’s report, though.

How do you make back money invested?
– Ad Revenues, Ad space rentals, Sponsored posts.
He is currently seeing $15-30 through Adsense everyday, and he’s running three sites.

For an initial investment of $300, almost $50-100 per day isn’t bad, and he’s already covered 100% ROI. This method isn’t bad and for the grand scale of things, you can take it up a notch by repeating the process on 10-15 sites.

If you need a more in-depth guide