Some plugins REQUIRE a VPS for Webhosting, especially SerpShaker

April 10, 2016 8:09 PM | Posted by Campo | Posted at SEO ,Web Hosting

A few of you guys have been asking me what I’ve been doing that I needed to up my ram/cpu usage on my VPS. Well I’ve been using SerpShaker and even if I develop the sites on my localhost, it takes a lot of resources. Let’s just all these links out of the way, if you have read my guide to using DigitalOcean and getting a better VPS experience to hosting your domains, here. And if you have, here’s the Sign up for DigitalOcean (aff link) you get a $10 credit.

Ok, so some of you asked, how do you develop websites on your local computer, many people recommend xampp, i’ve always found it annoying, it always trys to take over port 80 or whatever (commonly used for skype) and it’s just fustrating. I’ve found that is the better solution. Just download it, it runs an app and gives you your LAMP stack on http://localhost. Again what’s a LAMP stack? it’s Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP, what’s need to get a webserver going. The Ampps app is also great at install wordpress along with a whole slew of other apps I don’t care for, whats nice about it, is that it can back and restore easily as well. This is nice so that i can create a nice “optimize” bare website (seo settings, plugins etc) and just load in my content, then nuke it and start again.

Now transferring this website over shouldn’t be difficult… unless your sql database is over 400megs, yup some of the sites created are over 30,000 pages. Most people at this point give up trying to play with SerpShaker, when it gets this big, not if you have a properly configured VPS, you can transfer your prebuilt site over easily.

You just gotta overcome the wordpress memory limit, by editing the config file and entering in these two lines.
define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘5000M’);
define(‘WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘5000M’)

Then you gotta overcome your php settings as well. You can’t very well do this mostly on crappy shared hosting, but on a vps, it’s yours to take. If you’re using DigitalOcean, then you’re also using serverpilot to deploy your sites, this is the simple way to configure your php settings for individual sites (so the other sites don’t get affected)
you’d basically just get rid of the memory limit and execution time with these three lines

And congratulations you’ve done what 99% of the people who have tried to use SerpShaker fail to do, get a fully built website going, why? cuz of cheap shared hosting.

The problem with a great plugin like SerpShaker, is that people panic with Analysis Paralysis and just over think it. Then when they finally devote a day to completing the training, they get stuck at creation. Why? cuz they are using crap shared hosting and they get time outs or execution time failures and they just give up, even after they paid for this great plugin. Stop limiting yourself with cruddy shared hosting! Sign up for DigitalOcean