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WanaCrypt, did it get your SEO Servers?

This week the ransomware WanaCrypt and Wanna.Cry hit the entire infrastructure of the UK health system hard, along with Spain, US and a ton of other countries, you can find news reports everywhere. It affected WinXP and Win2003 the most, these are the systems that Microsoft does not support anymore and were vulnerable, so much […]

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Kontent Machine Tutorial for TurboWeb2

Ok, this quick tutorial will only let you get started creating easy articles and upload to TurboWeb2 in a jiffy. here’s what’s needed: Buy Proxies Kontent Machine Spin Rewriter Your obviously going to be using your private proxies from TurboWeb2 anyway, so just port the same proxies over. In terms of “spinners”, of course you […]

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TurboWeb2 Web2.0 Tutorial

Ok, Holidays are over and it is time to finally put up this tutorial, some of you have been asking for it, it is the backbone of modern day 2016 and for the foreseeable future 2017 link building seo. In short the main links to your Money Site will be Web2 properties and PBN links(which […]

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