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to SSL or NOT to SSL, that is the Question… (the answer is yes)

Ok, lets just get some things out of the way, SSL costs money, heck if you search for it, it’ll be as low as 5 bucks. But whats better than cheap? free. Letsencrypt has gotten their free SSL off the board, however it really seems like a big pain in the but to enable it […]

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Let’s Just Get this out of the way, the easiest steps to speed up WordPress and get better webscores.

Plain and simple Your SEO is affected by webspeed, if Google thinks your sucky site loads slow, it’s not going to rank well, here are the latest tests i did on this site.     Google PageSpeed GTMetrix Pingdom Let’s get this out of the way so I can talk about tweaking, if Your page […]

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Some plugins REQUIRE a VPS for Webhosting, especially SerpShaker

A few of you guys have been asking me what I’ve been doing that I needed to up my ram/cpu usage on my VPS. Well I’ve been using SerpShaker and even if I develop the sites on my localhost, it takes a lot of resources. Let’s just all these links out of the way, if […]

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