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No Hands Seo, Your first tool in 2013 Seo Automation Review and Guide

no hands seo 2013You built your site, and now you need backlinks. You have to create them yesterday… so that means we have to do it fast… but with quality… is that possible? yes with nohandsseo it is. Ok first off nohandsseo is an automatic comment (it has grown to use more platforms such as image comments and using commentluv, etc) poster and trackback. Now you can certainly use this in a bad way, but if we configure it WELL, then it can find and post for us High PR/Low OBL backlinks.

What are High PR/Low OBL backlinks?, a backlink page that has a high page rank, determined by (G)reg. (i usually go with PR of 1) and Low OBL stands for low outbound links. Which basically means the webpage doesn’t have a lot of links on it, which means it hasn’t been spammed to death, this is a nice gold nugget!

ok lets get to it.

no hands seo


enter in 1. your website, 2. your keywords, 3. your anchor text

that’s it! your done… almost, now we have to setup nohandsseo to find/post high pr low OBL for us.

2settings 1 search ping and whois

on the settings tab, APP SETTINGS, we choose which search engines to use, i like both. I also turn off ping and whois posting for nohandsseo. For a limited time there is a free addon that will replace this function, it just frees up time so the software doesn’t have to waste time pinging, and let other software do it, it is same software maker, and you can enter in other links to ping it’s great. I also don’t do the whois, because i find little value in doing it on my moneysites, since i’ve already indexed them.

Next up is

3settings 2 threads captcha settings OBL and pr prevention the most important box, this controls the high PR low OBL websites you find. I set it to 100 obl and pr of 1, you decide your own settings, this is however REALLY limiting you will get very few links but they will be of high quality, if you had to lower OBL, i would instead take off the PR check, as it burns through your proxies. Also this is where you dictate how many threads you want the software to take up, 15 is good for a home computer, you need a vps to do more, the search thread is the same deal, i usually do half the max threads. I have captcha sniper enabled we’ll talk about captcha’s later but it’s pretty necessary if you want to autopost.

the next section is just the platforms it posts to

4settings 3 platforms to postkeep them all checked, unless you have a preference.

proxy setup is crucial and this is where people mess up.5settings 4 proxies


i use private proxies for posting, my provider is wooservers. we’ll talk more about that later

tick where it has the circles, to use proxies for posting and searching. the software comes with it’s own proxy harvester so that’s cool, but you have to tick it first!!! it’s at the very bottom circled for you to see. now if you use other proxy harvesting software (and you should!) most everyone uses proxy goblin to constantly scrape and find free public proxies 24/7, that is where you also load the proxies from, click your proxies saved with the goblin under load from file, and then tick continuously update and you’ll be set.

6settings 5 badwordsyou can further restrict where the software posts to by domains or by bad words, you can pretty much guess which bad words are bad but (G)reg hates backlinks from

  • gam bling
  • por n
  • hate speech
  • phar ma

i’ll put up a basic bad word filter later on for your reference if you need it.

7settings 6 spinner settingsspinners! they take words and make them different, you can get spinnerchief for free and use it here, so why not. (it has limits of course and all that blah blah)

8settings 7 indexingfinally indexing, we click the checkbox for no hands pinger, since it’s a free download and makes the software run faster, why not. as far as using these other indexing services, i find backlinkindexer of 50urls a day TOO limiting, while i had poor results with linklicious, so now i’m testing lindexed for 20bucks a month 50k urls a day, again we HAVE to index our links or they’ll be useless otherwise, (G)reg will just not see them, the nohandsindexer isn’t out yet but that’s going to be a $20 option, i haven’t tested it yet, but seems to be a good value.

There you have it, how to setup nohandsseo to get high pr, low obl backlinks! i’ll go a bit more advanced on this later if it’s requested.

Update* Forgot to add, nohandsseo is needed in order to maintain Link Velocity, what is Link velocity? something annoying (G)reg wants us all to care about, basically you have to constantly build backlinks everyday or you’re dropped!, we’ll talk more about this soon, but Link Velocity is no joke and one of the most important factors to watch out for since Panda/Penguin.


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