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Lancaster Pa Seo, York Seo

Lancaster Seo, York Seo

I’m going to create an ugly page, i’m gonna be ranked high for lancaster pa seo, just watch. If you have a Lancaster Seo, and he can’t do this, then he sucks.

If you googled lancaster pa seo and you want a guy to do seo for your company contact me. with the form below and i’ll get back to you, so you can finally get your website ranked high in google, again even with this ugly webpage it ranks higher than the other seo companies, look at what i can do if your website is a real website.


*update feb 22* in 12 hours i went from zero rankings to thislancasterseofeb22

now of course i realize they aren’t stellar results, but it’s only 12 hours, i decided to do this on a whim at 3:27am feb22 it is now 2:53pm feb22 most of these seo’s can’t even get you in the top 100, i’m already on page 2, don’t worry i’ll be on page one soon, and i’m targeting a lot of keywords, i’m not giving you the cherry pick of 1 or 2 good keywords no, i’m giving you all i’m targeting, heck you even see the few i don’t rank in the top 10 yet either.

*update feb 22* almost 24hours (like 19)

lancaster seoso i got these kind of rankings after almost a day, a lot of page 3′s some page 2′s and a page 1 for lancaster seo and other keywords, i’m not even trying!

*update feb28* a one week campaign and i’m on page 1 for most of these keywords, i’m traveling right now so i’ll post screenshots later. I shouldn’t even be ranked for lancaster seo, other than the fact that i live in lancaster and i do seo.

Well my goal is to hit the top3 organic searches (non adwords, that’s cheating, we’re only talking search engines here obviously, so no off white results) but i had a few seo friends email and say, go make an uglier page and rank for other cities.

That sounded like fun, so york seo, i’m coming for you, harrisburg seo i’m coming for you, my wife works in elizabethtown seo, so i’m coming for you too. and my laster city to focus on is hershey seo, just because it’ll be difficult (come on i’m competing with a name brand that is a city.

*update* march 1

lancaster pa seo

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