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Kontent Machine Vs. Wicked Article Creator (WAC) the death of Get Article Pro (GAP) has produced two titans of article creation. Used with Gsa search engine ranker and article kevo, lethal combination.

Ah it was nice knowing get article pro. The creator of the software, had some health issues? or whatever, either way software that is left to rot is useless! so get article pro (GAP) is officially dead, lucky for me, i found a replacement in kontent machine. actually it’s not a versus battle, while it’s true get article pro is dead and totally worthless, you can even still buy it, but the licensing servers will not let you connect, you’re just donating money to a guy at this point! But it won’t be kontent machine (KM) vs. wicked article creator (WAC) i haven’t reviewed WAC, so i cannot even give any opinions on it, only what i’ve heard, and it’s not bad. This will however be a kontent machine guide and why it’s so kick ass!

*note*-i forgot to say that these content generation programs are good for Tier 1! and lower (meaning tier 2 and tier 3), some have said that wicked article creator is really only good for tier 2 and tier 3, i cannot give an opinion for this, but kontent machine produces almost good enough tier 1 material (i check a lot of my links and they are still there!) of course never use this to create a money site or your main site, we’re really just making content for backlinks, not money site content, for that, either write it yourself or hire a writer. (there are services which produce spun content that is money site worthy of course they are master of spinning!)

now these screenshots are from early feb, but the interface still looks the same, so whatever, i’m travelling and nabbing old screenshots from my home pc!

1kontentmachineHere we see why kontent machine is just KING! look at that! you can choose to insert media files!, kontent machine will search for relevant images and/or video files and group like 100′s of these results in spintax for you. You can choose to have


  1. an image
  2. a video
  3. both

I personally choose either or, and kontent machine will just randomly put it somewhere in the article, genius! before this, i would look at (G)reg image search, right click each new picture open in new tab, keep doing this until i got bored or crazy, use my chrome extension – get opened tabs urls. and it would copy all the url locations of these images. Then i would goto utube, do the same thing!, hold ctrl and left click relevant videos (holding ctrl and left click opens in a new tab), mute my speakers cuz videos would auto-play (in hind sight i could have gone into my settings and turned off auto-play huh?), use the extension again “get opened tabs urls, then i would have to edit the urls. Put all of this in spintax, and say goodbye to the 30minutes to 1hour i spent looking for “media” just so that (G)reg or human moderators wouldn’t flag me for spam for tier 1 links.

1 click… and kontent machine has saved me so much trouble. of course it also produces articles and for this it grabs articles from a lot of different sources, and for that you need proxies.

1akontentmachinesimple enough to enter, you should be used to entering in proxies by now kontent machine will scrape hundreds of articles and put them all together into 1 article that will make sense and pass at least tier 2 moderation, (i say good enough for tier 1)



2kontentmachinechoose your settings however you want to get how much uniqueness, readability you want, it has all the necessary requirements for it.




11kontentmachinekontent machine supports all the popular word spinners!

also if you’re dead broke and can’t afford it, KM, comes with it’s own KM spinner as well, but i’d use one of the more popular spinners, i have great success in that order really (but i haven’t reviewed word ai, just that word on the street is, up in the air)

10kontentmachinethe great thing is that if you have multiple spinners, you can choose to have kontent machine spin the same articles on two seperate databases and just swap between them at will! you can of course also custom define variables and all that, blah blah.


so we entered in proxies… we entered in our spinner, we chose a image/video option now what? just TWO steps!

3kontentmachineenter in your campaign name, enter in your keyword (if you need to work on more keywords, then change that little setting right on top to either 2 or 3) and click Generate Kontent, that’s it! i mean if you want you can at this time enter in the url targets (3 in blue) and the keywords/anchor text (4 in blue) and choose more link options (in yellow) such as mimicing contextual links, puting in either/or/and article or body or resource links, or you can do that after you’ve scraped and just click the highlighted button, Reload kontent, and it’ll just insert everything!

it takes about 2minutes to 5minutes for it to generate a nice article, depends on your proxies time of day, blah blah, still better than the 1hour i would spend on just image/video scraping alone! much less creating a full article and bookmark and forum profile selection like this!

4kontentmachinelook at that! 1,2,3,4,5,6 All filled out for you! do you know how tiresome it is to do this!, this is why every outsources article creation, even for tier 1, because it is so ANNOYING to enter in all these fields, have you ever tried to come up with a good “resource box” to come up with things such as “just a normal everyday writer turned blogger” or “Hey look me up here, i usually am online lots!” dear lord that was so horrible before kontent machine came along.

5kontentmachinefills in all the bookmarking junk too!






6kontentmachinethat’s one variation, press next preview






7kontentmachinetotally different, and it gives you a youtube video instead of an image of trump





8kontentmachinehere this looks like some personal blog, so amazing!






9kontentmachinelook at this






all these ready to support programs

And you can make your own templates, i made my own uber blogger template, and they just added the gsa template, but i made my own, way before then. Do you know what i can do with kontent machine and gsa ser? i can create a 3 tier link pyramid in 5minutes!, that in 3 days of running, because i get around 50links per minute with gsa ser, and i have strict tier 1 settings of 100 outbound links (OBL) and at least PR1, my tier 1 has around 200 links, my tier 2′s and 3 for that link pyramid has around 200 to 400 links, and that’s just on auto-pilot for 3 days, what if just let it run with zero maintenance other than updating gsa ser everyday, because the programmers are so awesome they update this program every day to every other day, and paying for my vps? nothing, that’s all i have to do! kontent machine is the secret forumla to making gsa ser an awesome program!

btw the same goes for article kevo as well, more on that later.

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