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GSA SER Search Engine Ranker nearly Automatic Link Building (if it wasn’t so intimidating)

Ok I get it you guys really want more of these tutorials and trust me, it takes time to make em, so i’ll just try to pump them out for you guys! Ok admittedly GSA Search Engine Ranker, or what we Pro’s just call GSA SER is very powerful, but it’s also VERY confusing to a lot of users. The thing is they give you a 5 day trial, which you should download by clicking that link and then use these image tutorials. These tutorials were taken around the beginning of Feb 2013, so this is about the latest GSA SER version. The great thing about GSA SER is that it is CONSTANTLY being updated, and i mean constantly. A basic senukex is updated twice a month, at best, GSA SER is updated almost everyday! if not every other day.

1gsa ok so you guys wanted bigger pictures in the tutorials, i’ll do that, you can always click on them for bigger size as well by the way, this is your startup screen, as you can see, i have a lot of client projects running!

2gsaok first step is to click on options, and we have to configure it. Go to submission, and we’ll do the threads, rule of thumb, if you’re on your home pc then set it to 50 for now, if you’re on a vps, go wild and experiment in 10 thread increments! i put 80 there so you guys won’t go crazy but i found 150threads to be good with my VPS while running scrapebox (now being replaced with Gscraper) at the same time. Leave the html timeout at 180, use proxies! if you do not use proxies while you’re posting, your vps or your home connection could get flagged for spam (even though you are not spamming, these forum spam ppl are annoying) so use proxies, click on configure and input your proxies. If you really can’t afford private proxies, you can still configure GSA to harvest free public proxies for both posting and searching , but of course this will be slower on both ends of search and posting.

If you are using private proxies then you can search a bit faster by enabling option 3A, a decent time is 30seconds, you can go as low as 10seconds, but i like to be conservative with my (G)reg bans.

3gsaWe are on captcha’s just use captcha sniper or GSA’s new captcha breaker. Between the both of them it’s a toss up, most of us now just use both of them since we’ve already bought captcha sniper and captcha breaker seems so good. I haven’t had time to test out captcha breaker yet, but one thing captcha sniper does have the advantage in, is a 20% success rate at re-captcha, which is actually pretty good. if you want to pay for captchas, you could, but you should only pay for high pr sites, check on or whatever pay service you have, and check the option use only if pr is 1 to 10, you can set the minimum pr to higher of course.


next up is indexing, currently as a test i have actually unchecked the submit backlink urls to blog search engines, i find that i have so many projects going on that i’m spending a lot of time pinging rather than searching, so i just uncheck it for now, i’ll give my verdict later on, but for now if you only have like 10 projects or less, keep it checked. If you haven’t bought the GSA SEO Indexer, and you’re using GSA SER, you really should, it’s a one off $20 investment and really tries to get your verified links crawled. I still like to augment it with linklicious and lindexed searching, both services have large quota’s so you’re pretty good on that front, choose one of those services, my current favorite is lindexed, it has more integration with these seo tools at the moment, and in my personal tests i’m favoring lindexed more.


this section is easy, just leave it alone, GSA SER will download once a day all the bad sites with reported malware and just plain bad sites to avoid, just leave it at default, pretty hands off.

6gsahere is where you want to tell GSA SER to put your verified site lists and such, up to you if you want to keep it default and change it.


OK time for your first project, click on NEW and you get this screen, yes it’s ALOT of info

7gsaall the different types of sites you want to submit to are on the left side, these are my personal settings for Tier 1, you should probably choose the same.

1. input your url lots of options, by clipboard or file, one or multiple, if you choose multiple click on the checkbox for GSA SER to choose random urls. As you see there are more checkboxes for GSA SER to defeat Penguin, check them off to look more “normal”

2. your keywords for GSA SER to search for targets

3. put in your email for GSA SER to register accounts, you’ll probably need a lot of hotmails or you can use your own domain mail as well.

4. your anchor text in spin format i.e. {keyword1|keyword2} if you want a specific url to have a specific binded keyword you can do that in the url section with{keyword1|keyword2}

5. article title (if you’re gonna use article directories, you should)

6. article body

8gsa7. article summary

8. article categories


more stuff to fill in, it’s pretty self explanatory by now.

9. video title

10. video description (hint put your link in here)

11. the you tube id, for example is the link to gangnam style (hey i danced to this song with my mom at my wedding! very memorable) 9bZkp7q19f0 is the youtube id, basically the unique id after v=

12. the website title

13. the description in 250 words

14. a long 450 word description


here’s a trick if you want to ignore polish and german stuff, right click on the box and choose the highlighted option to disable it.

guess what, i only did this once, and got ANNOYED, then i never had to do it again. I just use Kontent Machine and it does it all for me. yes the HARDEST part of understanding GSA SER, can be easily taken care of with Kontent Machine. all those 14 steps, is easily handled in 1 click with kontent machine, which of course is ANOTHER tutorial, ha. But trust me without Kontent Machine, GSA SER would be unbearable to use, even though it is so powerful.

Now lets go into options


1. the first checkbox, you want to tick, stop the project, i choose 100 verified links a day, the project pauses, you don’t want to seem like a link spammer, GSA SER also has a randomizer too for that, in the next box of +/-

the next box is of course captchas use your captcha sniper!

the next box is to send it to the indexers, do it! whichever ones you have or signed up for.

the next two boxes are to defeat Panda/Penguin a minorr typo (like minor) once in a while won’t be so bad, and many ppl typo anyway!

2. like in the pic, right click in that area and choose more search engines, i like to just click on language/english and you get 155 engines at your disposal.

the next box is to use keywords to find targets

the next box uses all your verified links in your current project

the next box will analyze your competition and try to post to those links, why not?

3. the first box is a OBL check, 50 is very strict, for tier 1, 100 might work better

the next box is again strict for pr, if you only want the best pr for your sites choose this

you want the next box that is check avoid posting url on same domain twice, to avoid spam issues

the next box to check is the bad word filter, you know what these bad words are! you don’t want your sites posting to places that have these bad words in them.

Next box is email verification


put in your settings, tick the necessary boxes so that GSA SER deletes the email after verification or your email box will have literally thousands of emails.


if you made it this far, you can save these settings by going to tools, export, options and you can call it your tier 1 settings.

that’s it you’ve made your first project!

linkwheels, you can now create a tier 2, just duplicate the current project by right clicking it, modify project duplicate.

edit it, and instead of putting in a url, click the box that says

use verified urls of another project

then choose your project and you’ve instantly made a tier 2!!!

of course you can have more “loose” settings if you want, put more options like indexer/pingback/guestbook/forums/image comment and such, you can have a more lax OBL of like 200, you’re just trying to pass more linkjuice to your tier 1.

That’s it, your done!

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