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Article Kevo on sale for $59! articlekevo sale is only for the next 20 ppl special promo feb 23

articlekevo sale




ok they’re at it again 65 dollar coupon! if you’ve read my threads they will hike up the price again, so get in while it’s this cheap only for the next 20 customers.

oh it’s “AKV65″

then just click here.


sale is over, i wasn’t kidding about it ending, read on for the article kevo review.

ok i meant to do an articlekevo review and have it drip fed out in like mid feb, but i couldn’t help it, you have to save money! I checked out  articlekevo about a week ago, you know free trial and all that (and it wasn’t limited, full trial!). At that time they were having an end of January sale of $79 bucks, from their regular $97 bucks. I’m thinking oh, i have a good week to review this software that’s been getting consistent rave reviews, and they are deserved!

Anyway I’m gonna update this post throughout the day as a mini review, but go and save some money on it! this sale is huge! and remember not only does it do articles, well, actually it puts the former article champion amr to shame. It’s not even a fair fight! get articlekevo fast before the sale ends, you save an andrew jackson!

*Update 1*

ok, why is articlekevo, making a splash? simple, 3 (or was it 4) years ago a little program called article marketing robot came onto the scene, and it was grand. Actually there wasn’t many quality programs out at that time, at least compared to now, we still had senuke in it’s infancy and of course the titans of blog posting and forum profiles respectively scrapebox and xrumer… but nothing for article marketing, until amr. AMR became the standard by which programs were made for seo, so many people flocked to amr that they had to develop scheduling, which was difficult, now every seo program has scheduling and/or known as drip feeding. Getting your ip banned? using and importing proxies, AMR was doing it all. Importing your own list? people were doing lists of 10,000 imports! that they scraped themselves. AMR was setting the standard for spinning, that The Best Spinner noticed and took over to become the spinning heavyweight. But AMR was clunky, still nothing compared over the years, if you wanted to submit articles, you just had to use AMR, the closest competitor was article demon, which was ok, but would later develop along with bookmarking demon into the now great suite of ultimate demon. Anyway for a time AMR was king!, it was such a king that (G)reg decided to do an update to the (G)reg SERPS and engine called Panda, yea it’s largely speculated among every seo pro that Panda was the result of amr just being so dominant. Anyway since Panda it’s been clunky, in and out of beta, but it still works, the next best thing was ultimate demon, yup using that article demon pedigree, ultimate demon was born and it was great, a bit of an expense at nearly 50bucks a month, but most people just bought the lifetime license for $350, it was just that good. Until articlekevo, yup a software program that costs a little more than a monthly payment of UD, is now in my opinion the king of article marketing.

Not only that, they dominated article marketing so fiercely that they decided to branch out and do wiki’s and forum profiles and web 2.0!, and even can do linkwheels (in beta, it’s ok but hey it’s developing). For what Ultimate Demon is offering compared to the evolution of articlekevo, and especially at this incredible sale price (before the end of January $79 sale, they had a $89 sale, from the $97 price), it’s just impossible to pass up! My next update will try to review the software, if the offer is still around, otherwise i’ll make that review to launch in feb, curse you articlekevo, making me review things ahead of schedule because you’re offering such a great deal!

*Update 2*

sorry to those that missed this deal, the sale is over, please look for my article kevo guide soon.

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