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article kevo, review and ultimate guide and best practices

Article Kevo Review – Ultimate Guide

Ok i’ve been putting it off, i’m sorry, there’s a lot to get out there. It seems you guys really want an article kevo review and article kevo guide. Well why bother with a review, i recommend it, nothing it better than article kevo in article marketing, article kevo 1.59 JUST came out this week with tikiwiki support and the week before it got moinmoin support. You know what that means? it has 5x the amount of supported wiki platforms that wikibomber has. You know what article kevo also has? it has kontent machine integration, where as with wiki bomber you have to enter in EVERYTHING! you make your article with kontent machine using our, ultimate guide to kontent machine, in 5 minutes and you don’t have to bother wasting hours a day. Bookmarking, ok… admittedly it is NOT as powerful as BMD, but guess what, it’s 10x faster than bookmarking demon to the point that even tho BMD supports more bookmarking platforms, article kevo is still better, because it has kontent machine integration, the fact that it does the big three

  • article marketing
  • social bookmarking
  • wiki

for the price of one of those that i just mentioned and you”re still debating about it, is silly. ok you happy now? that’s your review, review is over article kevo is heavily recommended because it is the only program that offers kontent machine integration to do the major three tier 2 links of article markting, social bookmarks and wiki links, nothing comes close, no one knows this, because they still do do it the hard way, and they’re silly for it. now on with the guide!

Sorry for that i blame jet lag, and lots of stuff to do, these pics are a bit outdated, it’s from 1.57, but the interface still looks the same, so whatever works!.


ok we turn on article kevo, goto options and set it up, of course the first thing to setup is captcha, pick captcha sniper, and if you want a fallback method, then choose your favorite decaptcha or whatever, click the option to skip questions if you dont’ want to type them in, or you feel like it and at your pc when you’re doing this go ahead and leave it unchecked to type in answers (like “what color is the sky”)


2articlekevo Then of course you’re proxies, go enter them in, you can also grab 100 free proxies that work surprisingly well for a few hours (article kevo connects to a free proxy database), up to you if you do not have private proxies, which you should by now.

3articlekevoif for some reason you want to use article kevo to create articles you can, i of course recommend to use kontent machine because it’s so awesome, if however you just can’t afford it at this time, perfectly understandable, you’ll just have to do a bit of manual labor. like entering in your bing id, don’t know how to do that? click that big button and article kevo will guide you through the process, takes 5 minutes and it is free. (this is to scrape articles and information so you can make your own)

4articlekevoif you are using article kevo’s scraper then you’ll have to enter in a spinner, you’ve done it before, so don’t worry, of course article kevo being so awesome supports the 5 biggest spinners on the market


  • the best spinner
  • spin chimp
  • spinner chief
  • spin rewriter
  • word ai

article kevo does not come with a built in spinner, so you really have to provide at least that, alternativly kontent machine also has it’s own internal spinner if you forgot that option.

5articlekevothen go and enter in your indexing options article kevo supports the major indexers, i personally use back links indexer and lindexed, enter in your api key and you should be good, article kevo recently fixed the lindexed module, i’m pretty sure it was because i kept bugging them about it, that it was messing up, and they fixed it the next update!

6articlekevohere you get to see the tools options, you see those big boxes, you can actually reorganize them however you want it, in my opinion it’s a bit silly to have pinger and indexer there, you’re better off getting your fresh reports from article kevo and using that interface to ping and index your links, the rss generator isn’t bad and if you are seriously missing a scraping tool, i tried it out for a few hours, it produced some decent results. the other tools speak for themselves


manage author tab

now here is what you’re usually faced with when you have to create an author account in any program.



8articlekevoBAM! all that is prepopulated with a button click, enter in your email address, then fill in the email details, using either gmail, hotmail or your own pop3 catchall, remember if you have to set up a catchall address use our ultimate guide to setting up catchall for back link automation

9articlekevonow goto edit articles and enter in all you’re info




10articlekevodo the same for the bookmark section





11articlekevoand if you want to drop some forum profiles (remember so far at this time article kevo supports smf ) fill this info in



but of course if you have kontent machine, you just have to click on import file or import folder, and BAM, you don’t have to enter in anything!

12articlekevook now this section might be a bit confusing for the first timer. section 1. choose your author account that you just created. 2. pick one of the options, either sign up, submit, not submitted, you get the idea of what these options do. 3. article kevo keeps an updated public list of sites for you, choose either private (your own scraped lists) public or both.

4. choose the articles you’re gonna post with, then choose the platforms there are a lot of platforms so here is the guide for 1.59 at this time

article directories:

  • ad, af, wp, ams, arb, ascript


  • mwiki, wikkawiki, moinmoin, tikiwiki

social bookmarking:

  • pligg, scuttle

social networking:

  • elgg, phpfox, dolphin

forum profiles:

  • smf

web 2:

  • wordpresscom, blogeterycom,blogcom, posterous(closed don’t use it imo), areavoicescom, sosblogscom, livejournalcom, tumblrcom, edublogsorg, soupio, mywpblogs(wpblogs you create)

once you’re done with that you can filter it (filtering got a lot better with 1.59 since i believe i requested more options and they put it in, i’m not patting myself on the back, but everytime i put in a suggestion, they use it for the next update!) and everytime don’t forget to click “REFRESH”

now choose to either a. sign up to sites, or b. to confirm emails (it does it automatically, but maybe you want to do it again a few minutes later manually) or c. submit

don’t forget to choose your submission method in the bracket area, either submit it all now, or choose drip feed options, such as spreading it by a certain number per day to submit it even over a period of time

13articlekevomore options for you to check out.




14articlekevoah the reports tab, just click on an article you want a report from, choose a date, from to, and click on generate live links.

then select howmany or select all and choose

ping live links or index live links, you can choose both options and windows will just keep popping up for you.

15articlekevoyour urls will be in that window, and hoose anyone of your services, oh i forgot to mention that article kevo gives you it’s own custom indexer as well if you can’t afford 20bucks a month from any of the paid online indexers you get one for free


there is your ultimate guide to article kevo, now get cracking!

Click here for Article Kevo


as i wrote this post, there’s a new 1.60 update, wow, now you can sign up to sites even faster, and a new indexing service as well.

Back from a week in the sun, silly questions infuriate me

So I spent my week like this, actually the hotel i stayed in had wifi that extended to the beach, my sun scared wife and i (she loves the beach still) spent our days just lounging around in the shade, i’m sorry i couldn’t even try to send a post if i wanted too! Anyway, i saw the usual qustions: Ultimate Demon / senuke or gsa? And of the course the usual noob response is either

a. don’t link with automatic tools! (This is the ultimate noob)

b. Do your first tier with Ultimate Demon, then do tier 2 and tier 3 with GSA


If you read this blog, you’ll know that the easiest way to take FULL advantage of GSA is to link smartly, we use GSA to emulate the good linking that would normally be done with UD, by creating smart link pyramids with gsa, and again here’s that link smart gsa link pyramids. Since doing this, i’ve opened up Licorne and Article Kevo, less and less everydy. I only ever really fire up my web2 maker (custom) and gsa.

No i don’t want to bombard you with ads…

Yea basically I’m just keeping a website, sure i earn enough on here through the occasional affiliate link (i have to drop affiliate links, i’m an affiliate marketer!) But no I DON’T want to do the ad barrage. Believe me, on my other sites that i really monetize i have all sorts of combinations. Header ads, footers ads, in post ads, end of post sign up, comment and sign up, exit pop-ups, double exit pop-ups, random popup links and a sidebar that would make a noob weep. No, I’m not interested in “profiting” from you, this is “MY” website and i guess i try to do it with class, there are old posts i would like to edit that have WAY too many affiliate-links-effectively/”>affiliate links in them because of a plugin, but… lazy. I mean heck i paid for wpsubscribers and i don’t even use it on here, i don’t WANT to email you, i’m just that lazy. Actually I think i want to streamline this site even more, i think my theme is weighing it down…

If i have time, be on the lookout for changes!

Smart GSA Link Pyramids, sometimes the kitchen sink shouldn’t be thrown out there.

smart gsa link pyramid campo wong

So I got asked how do “YOU” do GSA and i’ll show you visually, cuz that’s how i think i made this bad looking mind map from mindomo. (currently i’ve tested all of them from the easy and free bubblus to mind meister, this one is the easiest for me to just create stuff. So what are we thinking? First we have to remember that when we do SEO, we have to sort of do it from a point of mimic’ing organic seo. And from that standpoint do you as an average user bookmark comments? or do you bookmark social profiles? Would a wiki document ever point to a bookmark? Yea exactly, in actuality i’ve set this up so that it is only 1 extra step, just think of it as a 4 tier linkwheel that makes sense.

I basically have all the prime stuff in tiers 1/2/3, articles/wiki’s/social networking, that whole thing. I’ve listed it in GSA order, so you can just copy it that way. I’ve also included blog comments as well, i’ve ranked really crappy .info sites with just blog comments alone and it’s a PR4 after 1 year of HEAVY blog commenting (using nohandsseo). So i still include them in. Then for the stand alone project, it basically powers up tiers 1/2/3. Now you could, if you wanted to make separate stand alone projects and powerup each tier individually, sadly i’m lazy and i just do this way, remember you can select multiple projects when you linkwheel, so it’s not that bad.

And that’s really it all i’m doing with GSA is separating good links from the kitchen sink, but still using the kitchen sink for the backlinking/crawling/indexing power.

WordPress Bloat, Ease of use has it downfalls.

so quire simply i noticed my site was getting hammered for being slow. Now i was wondering if it was wordpress or not, and i decided to test. My main test bed was slim affiliate site i had that i built with html a while ago. (old thin sites that have high pr, still do well) and i used two factors to test, to make it easier i just loaded them into firefox, because well i use firefox as my testbrowser while i use chrome as my main, and it has all the annoying serp plugins (quake) loaded in it. I loaded up

yslow &

google page speed 

with both of these you need firebug, if you already don’t have it on firefox.

so my thin affiliate site just built on html and a js or two had a yslow score of A/95 and a google page speed(GPS) score of 87/100.

my site was running with a yslow score of D/66 and GPS of 77.

So i optimized my db with wpoptimize and wpdbmanager(it schedules maintainance.

I put my site back on cloudflare

then i disabled everyplugin and reloaded and tested. The biggest offenders i found were the social share plugins, because they make so many damn api calls to other sites and yoast seo. Dropping yoast raised me from a D to a C and getting rid of a few more raised my site to a B/84 yslow and 84/100 GSP. I also activated W3 cache again, so hopefully this will get me in tip top shape. I know what’s killing me is my stupid offlinking of the meme’s but eh.

so with wordpress, it’s just like the ios store, there’s plugin for that… you really shouldn’t just install and install.

now i’m trimming the fat on all my other wordpress aff sites.


scrapebox vs. Gscraper a review and guide to both softwares, Round 2

well it seems you guys just can’t get enough gscraper vs. scrapebox, and since i always hate lengthy reviews that make you read the whole post before finding out the winner, i’ll tell you right now.

Gscraper wins:

  • scraping (G)reg (IF you want to pay 48bucks a month for their proxies)
  • posting
  • list sorting (a whole slew of if/than can be applied)

Scraebox wins:

  • everything else
  • scrapebox can still say “hail to the king, baby”

Now i know that i’m more of a scraper than most of you, have 2 scrapebox licenses, i have proxy goblin, a private proxy finding service, another public proxy scraping service/api and a collected tool as well. I need all these proxies just to scrape, along with using private proxies to scrape with scrapebox as well (if you set your threads to a 1 to 5 ratio of threads to private proxies, you should    avoid the ban and still get some good scrapes, since <a href="”>private proxies won’t die, cuz well you pay for them, you’ll have this constant stream of scraping, it will of course be slower than having a 100thread scrape, but eventually all those public proxies will die)

i showed my gscraper results here in this berman hosting vps thread. i will post screenshots later, but i’m travelling now, and i have to write this post since so many of you are requesting it (you’ll just have to do without screenshots, or rummage through this website and see all the screenshots that i personally posted up, aside from hiding my proxies and info, nothing is doctored, heck i’m using paint most of the time since i’m travelling on a netbook! i’d like to see someone photoshop with microsoft paint! ha)

  • now to reiterate what i said, i said Gscraper is the best at scraping (G)reg, for some of you, you don’t know who (G)reg is, (G)reg is the most used search engine in the world, i just don’t like putting (G)reg’s real name on here and in fact i really really really hate (G)reg.

why is this? currently Gscraper can only do (G)reg, of course you can choose options such as:

  • language
  • time
  • keyword results
  • blog/news/patents?

Heck if you’re really struggling with keywords, it can even just input a few random keywords for you, as long as you provide the footprints for it to scrape from.

So why is scrapebox still good? scrapebox is an innovator, it continues to be great, for a one-off payment, they just recently released a custom harvestor, you can program scrapebox to harvest other engines such as

  • (G)reg
  • yahoo
  • bing
  • excite
  • lycos
  • yaidu
  • dogpile
  • sky

and other search engines in which you can give parameters for, hint and pro tip, i’m getting great results with dogpile! (since it shows results from the top 3)

push it, push it real good

I’m a child of the 80′s (i think this was actually 90′s) so when i think of a link pyramid and link pushing, this is the quote that comes into my head, ha. Anyway i got asked a question so i’ll state my answer here.

“what’s the use of the tiered pyramid and how soon can i see results” Again for our strategies and basically have everything revolved around GSA we’ll say we do the standard 3 tier’d strategy.

MS <- Tier 1 <- Tier 2 <- Tier 3 (i’m not gonna draw it out, you all know what it looks like, don’t be lazy)

Your tier 1 links are going to be your most important links, and just as good and as readable as your money site, that’s how important tier 1 links are, and that’s why they’re usually reserved for web2′s and low OBL and high (or any) PR. then you have tier 2 spam and we throw in tier 3 for good measure cuz, well for gsa it takes 1 minute to make a tier, ha! But from tests and such it takes a LONG time for tier 3 to do anything effective, probably it is best to say that it takes 4 weeks for a tier 3 link to “push” link juice all the way through to tier 1.

copyscape, when did it become a useful tool, in fact what did it become the standard?

copyscape is a silly tool, no it really is, it has the most basic of checks, if you use the worst, free spinner out there, it will almost pass copyscape, just do the simple “3 word test”. Get a document, change every third word, and copyscape will say that it’s 100% original. copyscape was really invented so that silly novel book ppl can sort of protect themselves and their work by paying a month fee. It was never meant to be the content checker for seo work!

But then why is every article suposedly copyscape passed?, why go through that process? i’ll tell you why, it’s the outsourcers, particularly all the cheap taiwain, indian, phillipines, and whatever third world country is out there pumping out cheap article writing. Hey don’t get me wrong, look at my name, i walk out of my apartment, i’m instantly a minority in quite literally one of the whitest white towns in the world! The first time i saw a horse and buggy go down my street, was also the first time this amish couple saw an asian, yea that’s how white my town is. Anyway, it’s the outsourcers, i have a particular grip against ESL (english as a second language) SEO firms/companys/consultants. They make SEO’s like either

1. too greedy

2. look amazing

why? cuz i charge 100x more than a firm full of 10 indians/pakistanis! but then i look amazing because a company has used one of these cheap outsourcers before and they got burned, burned BAD. And with a bit of faith and vetted performance i bring their rankings back up, to levels that are amazing. Now usually these 2nd rate SEO firms just run pump and dump 100% guarantee’d rankings.

Let’s examine this from an outside point of view, what does a SEO firm loose if they promise page 1 rankings but can’t deliver?

  • reputation? no if someone is using a second rate SEO company they don’t care about that SEO firm’s reputation and wouldn’t even damage it, so why would the SEO firm care about their reputation?
  • Full refund? sure why not? just give it back, do you know why? because their pump and dump scheme failed… run away now! to them they just couldn’t spam good enough for you so you’re a lost cause

You get it, to them it’s a game/system, they will hook you with low SEO prices, they will promise a full refund if the target isn’t met. Now if they fail, they give you a full refund and you both walk away, and you can’t complain because you got your money back!

If you actually got rankings, oh! here is where you are in trouble, they will put so much FEAR mongering into you, that now that you have page 1 rankings, you have to keep on paying a monthly fee, or you loose these rankings. Which essentially isn’t wrong, if you do not keep up with a SEO campaign and link velocity, you do loose rankings, however the way that they engage in this practice is horrible, but also works well for you if you are a SEO professional that can pick up from this horrible battlefield that they left behind.

Anyway back to copyscape, so we have copyscape as a standard because we have cheap articles being written by ESL (english as a second language) writers, why not? they do SEO work. .50 cents for 100words? or $5 for 5 300 word articles? are you really getting quality? No your getting the equivalent of a white kid writing in full spanish about a subject he most likely doesn’t know about, because he took high school spanish, and all he can say is yo hombre.

So people needed a lazy way to check these articles, someone googled up plagiarism checker, and came up with copyscape for .05cents a check. Oh boy! that totally legitamizes the process of having ESL article writers. Of course it’s going to pass copyscape, it’s not even english!

Copyscape and it’s use in SEO came about because ppl didn’t trust that ESL article writers weren’t just copy and pasting articles online, but even if they didn’t, all they do is just write crummy articles anyway. Get some people who actually know english to write for you! Oh and btw i was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, this is new york’s finest public school writing you’re seeing right now.

Shopping for Private Proxies, Is like the Woman’s Shoes of SEO

private proxiesI don’t know what it is, every so often i’ll just shop for new proxies. Now i don’t use super private proxies, over the years i’ve found that dedicated proxies… aren’t so grand. So i’ll use semi-dedicated ones, usually half the price, but you gotta shop for good ones. I used to use super expensive ones from wooservers, but now they suck, so i just go with semi-dedicated ones, at 30 to 50 a piece, (i buy from different companies and test on separate scrapeboxs/gsa). Currently proxy-hub is winning for me, use coupon code “WFOFF” for 10% reoccurring.

The only issue i have with them is that support is SLOW, other than that i get fast proxies.

I’m also trying buyproxies and they’re fast as well, haven’t tested out support yet, i guess if i remember i’ll report back with the results. Again i’m a HEAVY user and i use private proxies for posting, mass comments, i find semi-dedicated works for me, i’m pretty sure the ppl i’m paired with only use these proxies once in a while anyway so why not reap the benefits of cheaper proxies.